11 Nights Until Double Time

Wow, I lost a day somewhere. I thought we had 12 days to go. Eleven? SWEET! I was looking at my books on Amazon, an embarrassingly frequent habit of mind, and discovered that the audio… Continue reading

12 Nights Until Double Time

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was to go to work today. When I woke up this morning, I had an email from my editor that included a file… Continue reading

13 Nights Until Double Time

The day job chewed me up and spit me out today. Ugh! So we decided to go to Golden Corral and have a buffet dinner so I didn’t have to cook. I ate… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 40

Thank God it’s Hump Day!     No theme this week. Just eye candy. Have a great day!  

14 Nights Until Double Time

Two weeks from tonight you could be reading all about Trey. Assuming you want to. For those of you who participated in voting for a new title for Eric’s book yesterday, thanks! I… Continue reading

15 Nights Until Double Time

I’m posting a bit early today, because we need your help deciding on a title for Eric’s book in the Sinners on Tour series. Go here: http://www.discoveranewlove.com/blog/opinion/your-opinion-olivia-cunning-title-vote.html before midnight tonight and vote on your… Continue reading

16 Nights Until Double Time

I took the day off and went to Moody Gardens here in Galveston, TX. There is a different exhibit in each of the three pyramids. The blue one has an amazing aquarium. With… Continue reading

17 Nights Until Double Time

Two and a half weeks to go! If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you probably missed this, so I decided to share it here too. The marvelous Tania sent me… Continue reading

Take Me Blurb

While waiting for editing to be completed, I’m working on launch materials for Take Me, which includes writing the blurb. So here’s what I’ve come up with so far. What do we think?… Continue reading

18 Nights Until Double Time

18 nights to go! I feel like sharing an excerpt from Double Time tonight. When Ethan meets Trey. ~♥♥♥~ “Nice to meet you.” “Likewise,” Trey said, his gaze raking down Ethan’s body. Yeah,… Continue reading