24 Nights Until Double Time

I am so not focused on Double Time‘s release this weekend. I apologize. I’m completely swamped with both of my full time jobs–the writing one and the day job. I just finished Take… Continue reading

25 Nights Until Double Time

25 more nights until the release of Double Time! I have an editing-intensive weekend in store for me. This afternoon I spent several hours doing this. Yep, that’s my mobile office. A clipboard on the… Continue reading

26 Nights Until Double Time

Still counting down the nights until Double Time’s official release. 26 to go! I’m still working on Double Time’s Official Playlist. So far we have: The Waiting One by All That Remains …Wanna… Continue reading

27 Nights Until Double Time

Tonight after working my typical 8 1/2 hours at the day job and cooking dinner, I put furniture together. So this post will be short. I’m wiped. 27 nights until Double Time’s release.… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 38

Heather was so kind as to send me these hotties! Mmmm (this is my second husband. I’ve decided to become a polygamist.), Mmmm (a good candidate for Gabe of Sole Regret), Mmmm. I… Continue reading

28 Nights Until Double Time

28 more days until the fictional rock stars return. Have you ever noticed that I dedicate each of the Sinners on Tour books to a fallen rock star hero? Backstage Pass was dedicated… Continue reading

29 Nights Until Double Time

Technically, it’s Monday, so we need some music. And I’m announcing the winner of the Double Time ARC giveaway, so there’s a reason to play Trey’s theme songs, right? Trey has two theme… Continue reading

30 Nights Until Double Time

30 more nights! Yay! Reviews are starting to come in for Double Time on Goodreads. When one of my books first comes out, I can’t help but check out every review and see… Continue reading

31 Nights Until Double Time

31 nights until Double Time’s release. That’s exactly one month. Tonight we’re playing a game of Which Sinner Said This? Who said: “We’ll have to save our next round of baby-making attempts until… Continue reading

32 Nights Until Double Time

32 more nights until Double Time. I promised I’d share an excerpt tonight. Meet Trey’s heroine Reagan Elliot. She has just won a contest to be Exodus End’s touring rhythm guitarist for a… Continue reading