19 Nights Until Double Time

We’re down to 19 more nights. I have a few exciting announcements to make. Well, exciting for me, I’m not sure about for the rest of you. The Sinners on Tour series will… Continue reading

20 Nights Until Double Time

The countdown continues. 20 nights left. We’re almost in the teens! Tonight I have another song for Double Time‘s playlist. This song is from Ethan to Trey the first time they meet. (It’s… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 39

It’s hump day again. Time to get your hump on. Okay, depending on your place of employment, these are probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!! They’re so close to X-rated, we’ll call them W-rated.… Continue reading

21 Nights Until Double Time

21 more nights until Double Time’s release. I sent “Take Me” to my editor yesterday. WOOT! So I thought I’d share an excerpt of Double Time tonight. Tada! It’s the first page. Chapter… Continue reading

22 Nights Until Double Time

Happy Monday! Another one for the playlist. Adelitas Way – Alive I need some good music today! This is Trey’s song to Reagan. And we have 22 nights until Double Time.

23 Nights Until Double Time

23 nights until Double Time. Another long day of work, work, work for me. I finished my galley proof pages for Hot Ticket and no matter how many times I read that book… Continue reading

24 Nights Until Double Time

I am so not focused on Double Time‘s release this weekend. I apologize. I’m completely swamped with both of my full time jobs–the writing one and the day job. I just finished Take… Continue reading

25 Nights Until Double Time

25 more nights until the release of Double Time! I have an editing-intensive¬†weekend¬†in store for me. This afternoon I spent several hours doing this. Yep, that’s my mobile office. A clipboard on the… Continue reading

26 Nights Until Double Time

Still counting down the nights until Double Time’s official release. 26 to go! I’m still working on Double Time’s Official Playlist. So far we have: The Waiting One by All That Remains …Wanna… Continue reading

27 Nights Until Double Time

Tonight after working my typical 8 1/2 hours at the day job and cooking dinner, I put furniture together. So this post will be short. I’m wiped. 27 nights until Double Time’s release.… Continue reading