Music Monday – Is There Anybody Out There?

Is it really Monday already? I hope you had a great weekend. I hacked down more brush on my property. I remember thinking having a three-acre yard would be fun. Uh… not so… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 124

Music Monday – Paranoia

I missed a bunch of Music Mondays recently. I’ve been impossibly busy. Mom had radiation therapy for a full week last month–they found lung cancer in a CTscan they did when she was being… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 123

Hottie Hump Day 122

Hope you have a Happy Hottie Hump Day!!

Hottie Hump Day 121

Hottie Hump Day 120


Hottie Hump Day 119

How do you prefer your morning coffee? Rich and dark? Hot and strong? or sweet and creamy?I think I will be trying them all.                  … Continue reading

Giveaway Winner!

It’s re-release day for Backstage Pass with its new cover, smaller size and reduced price! Time to announce the giveaway winner for this swanky Sinners’ prize pack. There were 169 entries and the… Continue reading

Music Monday – Emotionless

So I’m really loving this new song by Red Sun Rising called “Emotionless”. After a few listens, I started paying more attention to the lyrics and got this “Possum Kingdom” vibe from the song.… Continue reading