My First Rock Star Crush

9 days until you can take Sed to bed with you. Into the bath with you. On the sofa. The porch swing. Or wherever you read. I had the shittiest day at work… Continue reading

My Writing Wiener

10 days! I think every writer of erotic romance needs a faithful, 8-pound wiener by her side at all times. Here’s mine:     Her name is Shortie. She loves when I write… Continue reading


11 days until Sed is rock hard in your hands! Wait… A lot of people ask me which real-life band Sinners is based on. Probably so they can drool over them. Sign me… Continue reading

Say What Now?

12 days until Rock Hard! Yesterday, I worked on writing this: That’s the final cover, btw. I got sick of working on the cover and figured I should, you know, write the damned… Continue reading

Rock Hard’s RT Review

13 days! Yesterday, I got a wonderful present in the mail from a great writer friend, Judi Fennell. She sent me her copy of April’s RT Book Reviews. Isn’t she a sweetheart? I… Continue reading

Sed Showed Up for an Interviewed Today

Two more weeks! Well, until the e-book is released. A launch date countdown feels sort of lame when so many people already have the trade paperback version of the book. But I will… Continue reading

Sinners Official Website Updated

15 days until the official release of Rock Hard! So, I updated Sinners’ Official Website last night. I hope I didn’t give away any spoilers on the homepage. I tried to be careful… Continue reading

Naughty Author

I was supposed to write all day yesterday, but I was naughty (and not in a good way). I wrote maybe one sentence. The cursor just sat there blinking at me. Write. Write.… Continue reading

Making Progress

How many days until Rock Hard’s official release?  I don’t even know any more. 17? Something like that. I stayed up much too late writing Appetite for Seduction (working title) last night. I… Continue reading

Guest Blogging at Book Lovers Inc.

For your chance to win this or this     and read an interview. Go here: Have a great day!