Naughty Author

I was supposed to write all day yesterday, but I was naughty (and not in a good way). I wrote maybe one sentence. The cursor just sat there blinking at me. Write. Write.… Continue reading

Making Progress

How many days until Rock Hard’s official release?  I don’t even know any more. 17? Something like that. I stayed up much too late writing Appetite for Seduction (working title) last night. I… Continue reading

Guest Blogging at Book Lovers Inc.

For your chance to win this or this     and read an interview. Go here: Have a great day!

Blogging at Casablanca Authors’ Blog Today!

I’m blogging at Casablanca Authors’ blog today. I do that about once a month. The romance authors who write for my publisher, Sourcebooks, take turns. It’s a lot of fun. You should check… Continue reading

Cover Variation

20 days until the official release of Rock Hard. And I’m on Spring Break for a week, so I’m hoping to get Sinners Encores Volume 1 done this week.  I’ve played with the colors… Continue reading

Author Copies!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday. Well, not the ARC copy. I’ve had that for months. This picture really doesn’t do the book justice. It’s gorgeous. I also got some author… Continue reading

Rock Hard’s Cover Flat & Quote Answers

21 days! I just got this on Tuesday, so thought I’d share. You can see what the back cover looks like, too! It’s also time to reveal who said what. The majority got… Continue reading

Cover Criticism

Warning! I’m the type of person who likes crisp lines in the visual arts, so that’s what you get from me when I “design” things. The Sinners band logo for instance. It’s very….… Continue reading

Backstage Pass Nominated for Book of the Year in Two Categories!

Twenty-something (four?) days until Rock Hard’s release… yeah, yeah, now on to the exciting stuff… I was informed yesterday that Backstage Pass has been nominated for Contemporary Erotic Romance Book of the Year… Continue reading

Epilogues Update

25 days until the release of Rock Hard… I don’t know who all voted on the Sinners Extra Content Poll, but it is pretty obvious that most of you wanted Sinners Epilogues. With… Continue reading