Hilarity or Stupidity?

So today, I’m suffering through a day of faculty in-service meetings (IMO, there is no worse torture on the planet. If I were a spy, I’d break under the threat of one of these, much… Continue reading

Just a Little Update

I’ve had a busy month, believe it or not. First thing, I did away with my “News” page on my website. It’s too much of a hassle to update it and was looking… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

My gift to you: Welcome to the Family, A Sinners Christmas story Man, I’m a cheap bastard. I even make you click a link. If you’re looking for a gift idea for me,… Continue reading

Just for Fun

I think it’s about time to add a For Fun page on my website.  I’m really bad about updating my news feed over there.  REALLY bad. I haven’t updated since early October.  So I… Continue reading

NaNoWriMo Winnings

I limped over the NaNoWriMo finish line with aching fingers and blurry eyes, but I finished dang it, with an hour to spare. I made quite a mess of my manuscript, I’m afraid. I’m… Continue reading

Oh hells yeah…

My Jon Mallory model has released a new set of pictures just in time for the holidays. Thank you very much, hot guy, whoever you really are. Prepare the drool bib, ladies. Are… Continue reading

Random Stuffs

1. With regards to the title of this post… I know there is no plural form of stuff, but I enjoy making up words, so deal with it.  In my world, stuffs is the plural form of… Continue reading

Book Signing Tomorrow! (Nov 6)

Calling all erotic romance fans in southcentral Nebraska!  (Is there such a thing?  I hope so.) I know there are rock ‘n’ roll fans out there. I see you at concerts.  I’m having another… Continue reading

It’s NaNoWriMo Time!

For those in the know, November is National Novel Writing Month. If your novels are only 50,000 words long, that is. My novels are always at least twice that long, so for me… Continue reading

My First Book-Signing

Village Books in Columbia, Missouri knows how to treat an author like a rock star.When I left, there was one copy of my book left in the store. I signed it. I also… Continue reading