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Music Monday – Lost and Alone

Even though I’ve been super busy writing Thrill Me (Sole Regret #9), I had to come share this song with you. I’ve had it on repeat for days. And since it doesn’t really… Continue reading

Music Monday – Colourblind

So I’ve been crushing on this song on Sirius XM Octane for a while. But this morning is the first time I’ve seen the music video. And may I say, YUMMMMM! Bearded yummy-ness.… Continue reading

Fiddle Inside Your Drawers

It’s Monday. I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm. This week I’m featuring Chevelle. Love their music. Can’t understand their lyrics for the life of me, but that’s okay… I just make up my own… Continue reading


It’s Monday. Groan. But we do have music to ease our suffering. Heather had the great suggestion of posting some songs that have been remade by metal artists. Yeah, that is a great suggestion.… Continue reading

Now There’s Only Emptiness

I feel like something hard and heavy today. Slipknot! Fuck, yeah. My favorite Slipknot song is Psychosocial Lots of people ask me which band Sinners sounds like. In my head, I hear them… Continue reading

When All Is Lost to You Inside

Sorry I missed last Monday. I was without internet for 5 days. *gasp* I’m handing Music Monday over to Carrie and her suggestion of Alter Bridge this week. Enjoy! Thanks for having my… Continue reading

I Came Out of the Darkness

This song has a vice grip on my brain. It’s so catchy. LOVE it! Redlight King. Bullet in My Hand. Of course I had to buy the song. It’s amazing! I’m busy with… Continue reading

My Heart’s Always With You

This Memorial Day take a moment to remember the brave men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

That Bitch Can Eat Her Heart Out

I’ve had a few fans suggest this song by Halestorm, so I guess it’s time to share “Love Bites (So Do I)” on the blog. Heather also suggested “You Call Me a Bitch… Continue reading

Would You Numb the Pain

It’s Music Monday again. Already. Arianna suggested this song for Jace’s playlist. It’s kind of scary how appropriate this song is for him. And uncanny how fans can pick up on so much… Continue reading