Sinners on Tour Reading Order

Book 1 – Backstage Pass (Brian Sinclair’s book)


Book 2 – Rock Hard (Sed Lionheart’s book)


Book 3 – Hot Ticket (Jace Seymour’s book)


Book 4 – Wicked Beat (Eric Sticks’ book)

Book 5 – Double Time (Trey Mills’ book)


Book 6 – Sinners at the Altar (Compilation of 4 wedding novellas)

Sinners at the Altar Cover final

  1. Appetite for Seduction (Brian) — occurs right after Backstage Pass and overlaps with the beginning of Rock Hard
  2. Sweet Love of Mine (Eric) — occurs right after Wicked Beat
  3. Patience (Sed) — occurs soon after Double Time
  4. November Rain (Jace) — occurs months after Double Time

Note: Trey’s “wedding story” will be part of a full-length novel in the Exodus End series entitled, Outsider. Don’t get your panties in a bind, Trey Fangirls.

Book 7 – Sinners in Paradise (compilation of 5 honeymoon novellas)

FUTURE RELEASE! complete compilation coming soon

each novella will be released individually in ebook form first, before being combined in one volume like Sinners at the Altar

Take Me to Paradise Cover v1c small

  1. Take Me to Paradise (Brian) — occurs right after Hot Ticket and overlaps with the beginning of Wicked Beat
  2. Untitled (Eric)
  3. Untitled (Sed)
  4. Untitled (Jace)
  5. Untitled (Trey)

Book 8 Sinners Rock the Cradle (Compilation of 5 baby Sinner stories)


  1. Untitled (Brian)
  2. Untitled (Sed)
  3. Untitled (Eric)*
  4. Untitled (Trey)*
  5. Untitled (Jace)*

*order subject to change

Sinners on Tour Extras

books and novellas about side characters from the Sinners on Tour Series

One Starry Night – featuring roadie Jake