Introducing Sole Regret

Sole Regret is a fictional five-member metal band originally from Austin, Texas. They’re on tour and being as naughty as they want to be.

I don’t want to give away too much about the characters—I think it’s better that you learn about them as you read their stories—but I will share their inspiration.

In the first story, Try Me, the drummer, Gabe, meets a woman who insists she isn’t attracted to bad boys with tattoos. She quickly changes her mind. And who can blame her? The real hottie who inspired Gabe’s look?


Rich Luzzi  (I was drooling over him last week for a reason…)

The inspiration for the rhythm guitarist, Kelly…

Anthony Kiedis (the long-haired version).

The inspiration for the lead guitarist, who I’m calling Adam, but I might change it. In my mind’s eye, Adam looks like

Jacoby Shaddix

The lead singer of Sole Regret, Jacob, is inspired the same rock star who inspired Sed. He’s my fave real-life front man. I can’t help myself. M. Shadows.Jacob goes by the nickname Shade because he ALWAYS wears sunglasses. And I do mean always. Actually, most of the guys in the band go by nicknames. Force, Cuff, and Tags. Hmmm…. what’s that all about?

I’m not sure why I ended up with almost an entire band inspired by lead singers. I really am partial to guitarists. But when I’m picturing these guys as I write, that’s who I see. Well, not exact duplicates, but it gives you an idea.

So you’re probably wondering about the bassist. You can’t have a rock band without a bassist. Owen is the pretty boy of the group, so his inspiration is not a rock star, but an actor. Ian Somerhalder. Imagine Ian with tattoos and his cock pierced. Are you in your happy place now?

So, we have:

Jacob “Shade” – vocalist

Adam – lead guitar

Kelly “Cuff” – rhythm guitar

Owen “Tags” – bass guitar

Gabe “Force” – drums

I might come up with a dumb nickname for Adam, too. Of the five members of the band, I know the least about him. So far, I know he doesn’t get along with Jacob at all. That’s about it. I’m sure he’ll start talking to me soon. The others in the band are blabbering away.

Maybe I’ll share a little excerpt tomorrow. I haven’t decided.