Sinners at the Altar Update

Remember when I said to hope for an October release?

Sinners at the Altar Cover

Wellll, sorry to get your hopes up. It’s obviously not going to happen.

I’m now shooting for November. I’m really struggling with writing these stories. It always seems to happen when I promise release months. I need to stop doing that. It gives me writer’s block every time. I’ll just go in my cave and quietly produce words and then when I’m finished, I’llΒ SURPRISE! you with a magically appearing book that took me months to write, but seems to have come out of thin air. Because, you know, writing 6 books a year is easy. Not!

Am I making progress on the Altar stories? Yes. I added several scenes to Appetite for Seduction and it’s done-ish. I have one more scene to write in Sweet Love of Mine and will probably have to cut some stuff because it’s too long and the middle drags a bit. I’ve started writing the last three stories, but they’re far from finished.

Some of you (who actually watch my word count meters at the bottom of the blog) have noticed that Take Me to Paradise has been shifted out of Sinners at the Altar into a new book called Sinners in Paradise. It’s another reason why I stalled out at the beginning of Sinners at the Altar. I was deep into writing Brian and Myrna’s honeymoon story and I started wondering about Sed and Jessica’s honeymoon, and Eric and Rebekah’s and… Well, why not write those? And why not do a second Sinners anthology with all their honeymoon stories? Yeah, why not? Doesn’t really seem fair that Brian and Myrna get a honeymoon, and the other characters don’t. So that’s what Sinners in Paradise is–a honeymoon anthology. And I am not even going to guess at a release date for it, because it will give me writer’s block. I know it will. 😦

And maybe if I can get my shit together, there will be a third and final Sinners anthology about first-born babies–Sinners Rock the Cradle. I probably shouldn’t even mention it, but well, I need to shed a bunch more happy tears apparently. But that one is on a back burner. A very back burner. Like, “I can’t reach it without a step stool” back burner.

BUT (and it’s a big but–sorta like the two-T’d one in my chair), I have other books to write first. Namely, the Exodus End series and Sole Regret #7, Tease Me. But I will get to the additional Sinners anthologies. Eventually.

Right now I’m focused on Sinners at the Altar and getting it finished. It is my top and only priority. Time to go stare at a blinking cursor for a couple of hours. Wish me luck that words spring forth from that damned blinking cursor.

Stupid cursor.

And if anyone asks me the release date for Tease Me on this thread, my head will EXPLODE and you’ll never find out what happens to Sole Regret, because I’ll be dead. πŸ˜‰