Staged Playlist Part 1

Exodus End Logo vBRKI’ll be sharing the playlist for Staged over the next several days. I hope you enjoy it! Rock music is still alive and well in 2018!

First, we have a fantastic song by one of my favorite bands, All That Remains, who tragically lost their lead guitarist last month. Rest in peace, Oli. You will forever live on in your music. The guitar solo in this song reveals only a small slice of your incredible talent.

1) All That Remains — Forever in Your Hands

The next song is Roux’s theme. She’s the fiery heroine of Staged. This is my favorite Halestorm song of all time. Lizzy Hale’s voice sends chills down my spine and she nails the vocals in this track.

2) Halestorm — I Am The Fire

Steve’s theme song carries over from previous book playlists. Stone Sour features Corey Taylor’s slightly softer side. …sigh… Love the man when he fronts Slipknot too, but that voice of his? Yes, please, in double doses. This is one of those videos that reminds me why I write about rock stars in the first place. What an incredible life they lead.

3) Stone Sour — Tired

The next song explores another facet of Steve. The side he shows to the world, the fans, and even to some people who would call him friend. In Staged, we get to delve much deeper into the legendary drummer who backs Exodus End. But to the outside world, he’s definitely notorious.

4) Adelitas Way — Notorious

And another song for Steve. He’s so quintessentially rock star that it’s easy to find songs that suit him.  I loved writing about him. He’s a great character. He gives zero fucks about most things, and all the fucks about the woman he loves. And he’s funny. Roux also has a great sense of humor, so they play off each other perfectly.

5) Shaman’s Harvest — Dangerous

So there we have the first five songs for Staged’s playlist. I hope you love the music and the book and my bad boy rock star, Steve, who loses his heart completely to a good girl up-and-coming rock star, Roux.

I’ll be back with more songs for you soon!

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