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Just for Fun

I think it’s about time to add a For Fun page on my website.  I’m really bad about updating my news feed over there.  REALLY bad. I haven’t updated since early October.  So I… Continue reading

Random Stuffs

1. With regards to the title of this post… I know there is no plural form of stuff, but I enjoy making up words, so deal with it.  In my world, stuffs is the plural form of… Continue reading

Book Signing Tomorrow! (Nov 6)

Calling all erotic romance fans in southcentral Nebraska!  (Is there such a thing?  I hope so.) I know there are rock ‘n’ roll fans out there. I see you at concerts.  I’m having another… Continue reading

My First Book-Signing

Village Books in Columbia, Missouri knows how to treat an author like a rock star.When I left, there was one copy of my book left in the store. I signed it. I also… Continue reading

This Saturday Is Gonna Rock!

This Saturday, October 23, I’ll be at my first ever book signing! It’s in Columbia, Missouri at Village Books from 2-4. The address is 1808 Paris Road. I’d love to see you there! The… Continue reading

Deleted Scene Now Posted on My Website

A few people suggested I post the Strip Guitar Hero deleted scene from Backstage Pass on my website and what can I say? I’m weak to peer pressure. So head over to… Continue reading

Have Mercy

I stumbled across a perfect model for Sinners’ rhythm guitarist Trey Mills today.  Had to share. THIS is how I picture Trey. Needs some piercings and darker hair, but the eyes, the face,… Continue reading

Your Backstage Pass to My Blog Tour 2010

Woohoo! Backstage Pass officially launches tomorrow. *throws confetti* ♪ ♫ TOMORROW, TOMORROW I LOVE YA, TOMORROW YOU’RE ONLY A DAY AWAY! ♪ ♫ Now that I have annoyed you by getting that horrible… Continue reading


Two days until Backstage Pass is officially released (though it’s already shipping from Amazon if you want it early and I think you do)! I have two more pages on Sinners’ website to… Continue reading

Sinners’ FAQ

Four more days until the official release of Backstage Pass!  *deer in headlight look*  This is totally surreal to me.  I’m going to go to the nearest chain bookstore (30 miles North–I live in… Continue reading